Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"No clock is more regular than the belly." ~Francois Rabelais

LLAAAAMMME morning. Stupid training on connectMLS stuff. Which, for those of you who haven't been inducted to the elite echelon of "REALTOR"s [p.s. - there should be one of those little circles with the "R" for "RESERVED" rights or whatever it stands for but I don't know how to do that on a blog...] is basically just a live database of all the available houses and properties and condos and hey, even motorhomes. Nothing like sitting in a room with about 25 women aged 65+ who think that CD-Rom drives double as a holder for their lattes (soy milk variety, of course) bitching about ... "Wait, wait whaaat? I got 32 properties...this is SOO GOOFY!!" waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

In short, definitely unfun.

But an appropriate adumbration (yeah that's right, that was a word of the day last week) ((and yeah, that's right .. it might be being used incorrectly here)) of the afternoon to come.

Here's what we got:

12:00 leave to meet Jane at 73 E. elm to do an illegal (because I'm not licensed) broker's open house

1:00 BOH done

1:10 leave 73 E. Elm and walk back to 900 north.....which puts us at about 1:15/1:20 (I have short legs)

**now is the time I’m suppose to squeeze in a lunch of some sorts...which reminds me I think I only have $3 which means its lookin like a soupy kind of day...**

1:45 pm I have to leave to go to 223 Delaware to commit another illegality and show an apartment to some broad at 2.

after which I will slowly, slowly regress to the office where I'll sit around and chew the fat with Jane (which, for the record, was an expression I learned in spelling class in like ... 4th or 5th grade and one that I a) have never used before and b) was never a huge fan of. I mean, really, wtf does that mean? Chew the fat ... ew.) And then perhaps I'll look into completing some work...or maybe I'll pretend to be working, as is par for the course, and really be emailing, blogging or (omg, yes, I just said that word ... blogging .. as though "to blog" would be an acceptable verb...) I dont know .. whatever else it is that I do to bide my time here on a daily basis.

Guess we'll have to see how the day goes.

Tonight, first quiz in Calculus. Which I should ace seeing as this is round #2 of Calculus I. My advice: Saturday math classes (after you haven't seen a mathbook since Junior year of high school) are probably not in your best interest if you're looking to actually complete and attend the mandatory classroom sessions.

Just a thought...

For now...I must make the jaunt off to see Coco the ridiculously oversized dog at 73 E. Elm.

for some reason i keep pasting in a link and it isn't working!! anyway the site is http://www.obeo.com/Public/Viewer/Default.aspx?ID=215828 ... if you copy that in that should work


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