Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Running, to me, is more than just a physical's a consistent reward for victory!" ~Sasha Azevedo

For those of you who don’t know (like I didn’t until I googled a quote and got this) Sasha Azevedo is some chick who starred in some movies and is an alleged athlete. ((Can you tell I didn’t even bother to SKIM the bio it was so boring?))

I don’t know about you but I definitely don’t reward victory with a jog around the block or a quickie 40 yard dash. Crazy bitch. Maybe those epileptic seizures really did have a residual effect on her brain. Note the operative words .. “consistent” in conjunction with “reward” concluded with an “!” … all referring to, what? Oh, RUNNING.

Eh well.

Life Coach texted me this morning; it made my day. He warned of the lousy weather and suggested I stay home in bed and post scripted a “143” at me. Ha, bed. I wish. He was most certainly right, though…crappy as crappy could be outside. But that's okay because on days like this I feel the need to dress up a little bit in order to compensate for the day's yuckiness. Blue and black plaid skirt suit, banging choker and I even did a little bit of blue eye shadow outline around the eyes and flipped up the hair (Gidget style ... well maybe not, but cute nonetheless). In fact I got a “FABULOUS. You look just FABULOUS today” from the middle-aged-one-of-maybe-three straight men in the office today. But whatever; I think he’s been hot on my shit since he found out I went on a date with another guy from the office last summer (who, FYI, was about 2/3 of his age so I’m not really quite sure what he was thinking…) [OOOH wait. That’s right. I like old balls.]

(Agreed, that was for shock effect, everyone. But you laughed, no??)

Didn't go to bed until 4:30 this morning. shiiiiiiiiitttttyyyyy. Life Coach informed me that he was going to Joe’s Stone Crab tonight. JEAAALOOUS!!! Just as he is sitting down to order drinks at Joe’s I’ll be slowly slipping under the desk in my micro class. My dad always told me “life is unfair.” : (

Last night Rob (my neighbor that has consented to allow me to use his real name … though that’s kind of boring so I’ll have to think of something clever…9th Floor Hottie just really isn’t my style and/or something I would refer to someone as…at least on a regular basis…) came over and wanted to use my iron last night at like 10pm so I’m like sure no problem - win for me because then I have someone to quote"babysit"endquote me and ensure I do my homework instead of eff around on the internet and AIM. Then after I watched him struggle with the sleeves of one shirt for ten minutes I was like okay forget it. Move over I’ll do it. So I ironed his clothes. (I know, someone just CANONIZE me a saint already)

So then its like 11pm by the time this is all said and done and at this point I still have chapters 3,4,5,6 to read/take notes on in micro. But I’m also on this new and improved bo-day thing for summer as part of my '06 resolutions so I don't really know what happened between 11 and 1am in the morning ... I think I was making all my return phone calls or something then I got into a mini-discussion about how Shorty and I aren’t as close as we were when we were in high school. Unfortunately this was at 1am so I couldn’t really devote the necessary and due attention to the issue as I would have so liked to do.

After that, circa 1:30 (a.m., mind you) I decided, hey let's go running - then I won't fall asleep when I’m trying to read my ish

Noter: ish = can be used in many different ways (as emulated from my friend “Angle” which refers in part to the book he recently purchased as the main character’s name is Style and in part to his word for “Style” sometime about 2 years ago) …see that would have been the perfect sentence to use “circa” in but I’m overdoing it so I’ll refrain…

Anyways, in this case, “ish” is referring to the micro hdubs ... hdubs= HW=homework

Okay. So I’m running at 1:30 in the morning in black spandex pants whose crotch has been ripped out (I don’t know why and no it’s not a dirty reason .. they just ripped okay And that was that. And nobody’s going to be looking there while I’m running because DID I MENTION!? IT WAS 2 IN THE MORNING!!) and an obnoxiously orange sweatshirt. run run Rudolph all the way down to Chicago avenue (which, p.s. according to mapquest = .36 miles from my house) and then continued to walk south until I hit Kinzie and I was, okay...time to go home. Then I resumed the running pace once I circled back to Chicago and damn near collapsed on my doorstep sometime around 2:30am. Several of you warned me not to do it but chillax; I turned down the beats on the Shuffle so I could hear my surroundings and psyched myself up to a full-throttle rage in the event that an attacker suddenly appeared out of a dark alley or doorway.

I better look damn good come summer. One thing’s for sure I’ll be a hell of a lot more limber … maybe not Gumby style but, I can honestly say I’ve never in my life been able to do the splits during sex. (mental note…)

After which I proceeded to have nakie time for 3-5 minutes and got in the shower. then I read chapter 3 and was like eff this I’m going to bed. The teacher tends to go off on tangents anyway so I’d be surprised if we made it as far as chapter 4 tonight. Besides ... I might be able to squeeze in some read time throughout the day if I get the other crap done.

Uugggh. My boss is in internet training right now so that means I have another hour and ten minutes to screw around, though I do have a couple things to take care of. She better not think that I’m going to OfficeMax with her today though since I have to leave the office at precisely 5:00 to ensure an on-time arrival to aforementioned tiny class. (get it, tiny, micro.

LOLOL which reminds me … I use to have this .. “friend?” that was going to Africa to do microfinancing. He actually ended up in India but to his credit, he was very, very bright. Graduated from Wharton’s business school and blah blah blah but once I told my dad about him and at a later date he asked of me ‘So, Jen. How’s the tiny banker doing?’ LOLOL. I still get a kick out of that to this day. Obviously otherwise I wouldn’t be LOLing. Well I’m not really but it does make me SOMF? Smile on my face? No, that’s lame. (And I know you’re thinking the same thing, Smiles…who should be thanking me that his/her codename wasn’t SmilIE, ahem for the record…) Don’t worry :-* I still heart you.

Where was I? Ah, yes – Striking “SOMF” from the record. Alright, well I guess I ought to light a fire under things so I can get some read time in…


Blogger knighhawk11 said...

Speaking down about people who you don't know speaks of how low of a human being you are. Don't be surprised if it comes back to slap you in the face.

Eleanor Roosevelt said it well when she made the statement "Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; SMALL MINDS (like yours) discuss people."

8:52 AM  
Blogger gnigga said...

this beeeotch dont know who da fuck shes messin with. you fuckin with the wrong people because ur talkin smack about my homegirl, sasha. u betta watch what you say nigger, or we will fuck you up

8:42 AM  

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